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The Caking Place



With love, Rosea Lee

Culturally, food is at the heart of every major life celebration. Getting married? Feed people and celebrate! Have a baby? Bring a meal and meet the new arrival! Having a game night with your family? Cupcakes to the rescue!

I learned pretty early on that feeding people is how I show my support and love. Food is life sustaining, but baking? Baking is pure celebration, no matter the occasion.

Over the years, I've devoted countless hours to honing my skill as a baker. The baking came early, but making a cake look as good as it tastes? That was practice. As I grew in skill, my bakes were finding homes at life events of friends and family. It was humbling to see the delight, the satisfaction, the joy others were finding in each bite.

The Caking Place has been a long time dream for me. I'd like to say thank you for being here. Thank you for supporting my dream, but most importantly, thank you for having us in your life. I'm so honored to have a place at your event and celebrate with you.

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Baking joy into every bite.

We know you have countless options available to you when selecting a baked good for your celebration, so why choose The Caking Place?

Simply put: we refuse to settle for anything less than exceptional for you.

We are proud to use the highest quality ingredients. We've tested thousands of ingredients from all over the world and only select the ones that we would use for our own family. If it's not good enough for our family, it's not good enough for yours.

We bake in small batches. This choice allows us to ensure the highest quality from the crack of the first egg to the final flourish of piping. Cakes baked with love simply taste better than mass produced cakes.

That's our promise, lovingly baked into every bite we serve.

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